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All things Proteomic

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All things Genomic

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Questions for the staff. When you send an email add as many staff as you want to it. The odds of getting an answer fast go up with the small downside of, “someone else is going to answer that question.” If we are ignoring you, send another!

Illumina Sequencing:

Zach Herbert

Maura Berkeley

Kyle Richard

Rueben Sands

NGS Library prep:

Zach Herbert

Gary Sommerville

Willa Zhou

Leon Sheynman

Shipra Gupta


Andrew Caruso

Elizabeth Cohen

Matthew Booker


Jim Lee

Paul Morrison

Before you go to the cops: Paul Morrison



Past members of MBCF:

Richard Kolodner It was his idea. Every two years we still meet in August for a few beers in Snowmass.
Doug Bishop Hasn’t missed a biennial Snowmass reunion yet.
Rob Reenan
Ethan Lovell Ethan watched his office in building 7 fall on 9/11 after he hitch-hiked home.
Wilma Rodriguez
Lori Wirth: back at DFCI but in the clinic as an MD.
Kara Blackman: another MD
Chuck Lilly: another MD
Sharon Kavorski
Elizabeth Merchant
Mary Hampton
Marisa Dovidio
Noele Nelson now Pediatric faculty at Georgetown University
Daniel Yoon
Tom Brown – Tom’s new book
Vidya Kesavan
Fernando Viloria is now at the Broad Institute
Lee Hendricks
Franzmarie Cepeda
Sandra Olarte
John Maconi
Kim Olsen
Karen Miller
Katie White
Angelo Dickerson 
Sarah Ferrari
Kate Hohman
Mary Tamucci
Jennifer Woodman
Clarita Lefthand Begay
Katy LaRocque
Christine Bogle
Lidia Nierobisz
Monica Rana is now in DFCI Office of Research 
Miguel Ilzarbe is now at the Broad Institute
Steve Qi
Earl Gillespie is now a grad student, Boston University School of Medicine
Lauren Thomas
Alicia Chang
Amanda Balboni
Shannon Kerivan
Jill Arkind is now in the Oregon Health & Science University DNA Analysis Core Facility
Erin Kelley
Will Beavers Vanderbilt graduate School, Chemistry Department
Lindiwe Ndebele
Anthony Funicello
Shailee Vora
Adalis Maisonet
Yue Shao
Blake Korn
Jennifer Oghene
Anh Tran
Mary Adams
Dan Totten
Amy Janiak
Fern Harper
Mahesh Vangala
Drew Korn
Zheng Chenghao