Illumina NovaSeq 6000




Illumina’s highest throughput sequencing platform to date.
Highly flexible flowcell and reagent configurations facilitate cost-effective sequencing for large scale genomics research including single-cell applications, whole genome, whole transcriptome, and whole genome methylation profiling.


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SP Flowcell


100cycles (PE50bp, 10X, SE100bp)
300cycles (PE150bp)
500cycle (PE250bp)
S1 Flowcell

1.6B Clusters

100cycle (PE50bp, 10X, SE100)
200cycle (PE100bp)
300cycle (PE150bp)
S2 Flowcell


100cycle (PE50bp,10X, SE100bp)
200cycle (PE100bp)
300cycle (PE150bp)
S4 Flowcell


200cycle (PE100)
300cycle (PE150bp)

Full pricing schedule for all NovaSeq flow cells and read lengths (although not all read configurations) below.

There are a lot of choices, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance choosing the most appropriate sequencing option for your project and budget.

NovaSeq 6000 Read Config Clusters (reads) DFCI/BWH External
SP-100 PE50 800M  $3,600.00  $4,300.00
SP-300 PE150 800M  $6,200.00  $7,500.00
SP-500 PE250 800M  $8,200.00  $9,700.00
S1-100 PE50 1.6B  $5,800.00  $7,300.00
S1-200 PE100 1.6B  $7,300.00  $8,800.00
S1-300 PE150 1.6B  $9,500.00  $11,000.00
S2-100 PE50 3.3B  $11,000.00  $12,500.00
S2-200 PE100 3.3B  $15,000.00  $17,000.00
S2-300 PE150 3.3B  $17,000.00  $20,000.00
S4-200 PE100 10B  $32,000.00  $37,000.00
S4-300 PE150 10B  $36,000.00  $41,000.00