Service Request Guide

1) Register an Account
Register an iLab account for ALL SERVICES.
Please note that the MBCF does not administrate the iLab system. If you have questions or problems registering an account please contact iLab directly:
2) Place an electronic request
Login to iLab
For iLab requests, please fill out the sample information form to the best of your ability. There is no such thing as too much information (well, maybe there is).Once you have filled out the request, click “submit”. The MBCF staff will review the request and contact you if there are any questions, suggestions, or concerns. The form is a dynamic document that can be easily edited, so don’t be afraid to write in a question and submit.
3) Provide Payment Information
Internal investigators
DFCI investigators: please provide a project number
BWH investigators: receive internal rates, but still must provide a PO.
External investigators:
A valid purchase order (PO) must be provided before we can begin work. To facilitate this process, we can generate an official quotation once you have submitted an iLab request.
IMPORTANT: POs should be made out as follows
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
General Accounting BP425
450 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215-5450
Note to Partners, Harvard & Tufts researchers:
Partners Health Care (includes MGH, BWH, McLean, Spaulding, etc): choose vendor 0000008573
Harvard (includes HMS, Dental, Wyss, HSPH, etc): choose vendor site: 01_PRIMARY
Tufts University choose Supplier 0000000655

Description: For Services in Molecular Biology Core Facilities

Basic Process Overview
1) Submit iLab request.
2) Receive quotation from MBCF (not automated).
3) Use the quotation to generate PO (through your purchasing department).
4) Update iLab request with valid PO (or email it to us).
5) MBCF will begin processing request ASAP.

Credit Cards:
If paying by credit card, please indicate so on the iLab request. You will be contacted for payment after the work has been completed.

4) Drop off samples
There are several ways to get samples to us:

The “Fish Room”
Located near the 3rd-floor elevator lobby of the Smith building.
DNA: place samples in racks in top half of left-hand fridge
RNA: -80C freezer: take an empty blue cooler from the bottom half of the freezer, place samples in blue cooler, place blue cooler in the top half of freezer to await pick up.

CLS building 11th floor
DNA only

MBCF come visit!
4th floor 21-27 Burlington Ave
Contact us to schedule handoff

FedEx (directly to our lab)
Attn: Molecular Biology Core Facilities
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
21-27 Burlington Avenue 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02215

USPS and UPS (through DFCI shipping and receiving; may add a day)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Avenue, BA404
Boston, MA 02215