Biacore 3000

Biacore™ 3000

Biacore™ 3000  is a system for real-time biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology.  SPR is a non-invasive optical measuring technique which measures the mass concentration of biomolecules in close proximity to the specially prepared surface.

User operated.  Reserve by the day. Reservations are now handled through iLab system.  Typically need to reserve 2 weeks in advance. As of March 2014 the Biacore 3000 is in the ATC core in JimmyFund 408. Much easier access for researchers on the DFCI main campus.

Biacore 3000 processing unit houses the following components:

• two liquid delivery pumps

• the autosampler, for preprogrammed sample handling including mixing and injection to the detector unit as well as sample recovery

• the Integrated μ-Fluidic Cartridge (IFC), containing liquid delivery channels, sample loop and valves

• the detector unit, including optical and electronic components for creating and measuring SPR response

• 4 detector flow cells formed by the IFC pressing against the sensor chip

Biacore 3000 measures surface protein concentrations from a few pg/mm2, and can monitor changes in the surface concentration on a time scale down to 0.1 s. The technology allows determination of binding specificity, kinetics and concentration with analytes ranging in size from about 150 to 106 g/mole (Daltons) or more.

DFCI researchers.  $150/day

CFAR members. $150/day

All others.  $175/day