Sanger Sequencing

The Molecular Biology Core Facilities at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has discontinued Sanger DNA Sequencing as of November 1, 2016.

28 years ago, in 1989, the Molecular Biology Core Facilities at Dana Farber were the first in New England to bring the new Applied Biosystems ABI DNA sequencers that used dye terminator chemistry to create the familiar four-color chromatogram on-line as a service. With the advent of Next Generation Sequencing, our Sanger sequencing service can now be farmed out to commercial sources because we need to reallocate the resources for NGS and high throughput genomics.

So on November 1, 2016, we phased out Sanger sequencing. Genewiz and other local core facilities are very good substitutes for our service.

All current and past users of MBCF Sanger sequencing

We have all your data backed up from 1989 to 2017. If you need your primers or data just email us and we will dig through the archives.

Just email us at or

Primer Added

You provide the template and primer premixed.

Primer NOT Added

You provide the template and primer in separate tubes or we add a primer from our primer library.

Difficult Template

For templates that have high GC-content, hairpin structure, or have not performed well otherwise. We use an alternative dye chemistry that generally yields satisfactory results for hard to sequence templates. The downside is that it can cause sequence compressions and is more expensive to use.

Plasmid: 50ng/ul

PCR Product: 5ng/ul

Sample Volume:  > 12ul

Primers added: 1ul at ~3.2uM (pmol/ul)

A table of available MBCF primers.

Service #Samples Rate/Sample
Primer Added < 16 Samples $8.00
16-64 Samples $6.00
> 64 Samples $4.00
Primer NOT Added Any $8.00
Difficult Template Any $12.00