Nanostring nCounter

Nanostring is a single-molecule imaging platform to detect and count hundreds of transcripts in a single reaction. The basic workflow is 1) hybridize capture-reporter probe to sample, 2) purify and immobilize probe/target to cartridge and 3) image and count.

  • Extracted RNA/DNA is sent to core
  • Custom Codesets ORDERED BY YOU from Nanostring and shipped to the MBCF
  • Standard Panels can be ordered directly through the core
  • The core staff performs QC, sample prep, hyb, immobilization, and scanning
  • Data are delivered through email (yes, the files are that small)
Turnaround Time
  • Nanostring code panels ship within a few days
  • Custom code sets require approx. 3 weeks to ship


Gene Expresssion Assays
  • >100ng total RNA in 5ul
  • Ideal amount may vary based on the relative expression levels of target molecules
  • Generally: >5ul at a concentration >20ng/ul
miRNA Assays
  • >100ng total cellular RNA in 3ul (>33ng/ul and >3ul)
  • Less RNA can be used for miRNA enriched fractions or from exosome/circulating RNAs.
  • Purity matters too for this assay and 260/280 and 260/230 ratios should be considered.
CNV Assays
  • 600ng total DNA in 5-10ul
Nanostring Panel Products

(includes sample QC, sample prep, codeset, master kit, and processing)

There are 12 samples per cartridge. Minimum of 12 samples require

Nanostring Panel Products DFCI External
PanCancer Immune Profiling Kit (770 genes) $300/sample $315/sample
Cancer CNV DNA assay (87 gene panel) $180.00/sample $195.00/sample
Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression Assay Kit $250.00/sample $265.00/sample
GX Human Immunology v2 Kit (594 genes) $250.00/sample $265.00sample
GX Mouse Immunology Kit (564 genes) $250.00/sample $265.00/sample
GX Human Kinase Kit $250.00/sample $265.00/sample
PanCancer Pathways Panel (770 genes) $300.00/sample $315.00/sample
Human Cancer Reference Kit (230 genes) $180.00/sample $195.00/sample
Human Stem Cell Kit (193 genes) $175.00/sample $190.00/sample
Human Reference GX kit $125.00/sample $140.00/sample
Human miRNA $300.00/sample $325.00/sample
Mouse miRNA v2 $280.00/sample $315.00/sample