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    5/30/2012 Illumina MiSeq Next Gen Sequencing out of Beta

    by mbcf

    We have run 27 different projects in the last few months. The MiSeq does well in various applications of Next Gen. Metagenomics, small genome, Epigenomics, targeted sequencing, indexed sequencing. The turn around time can be as fast as same day. Yes, a ChIP-Seq 50 or 2×35 and you get the data back the same day. 2×150 paired ends in three days. These times will continue as we just received our second instrument and will be installing a third when required to ensure you do not have to twiddle your thumbs like when you submit to the hulking behemoth Next Gen boxes.

    We will be beta testing new 2×250 paired-end reads which can generate 16-19 million reads. That is 500 nucs times 19 million. Talk to us about indexing several samples into that one run, it’s easy. Click on MiSeq Information at MBCF for more information. Check in often as this information will be updated often.